Aetherium Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: GMFI) Innovates SPAC management implementing the CovQ value creation system developed by 8W8 Global Business Builders | 8W8

    Press Release – Greenwich, CT, July 26, 2022

    Aetherium Acquisition Corp. announced today that it has begun implementation of the Compound Value Creator Quotient “CovQ”) platform to accelerate the execution of its post-IPO De-SPAC processes including the identification of potential acquisition targets and business combination activities. The company’s executive team also plans to use CovQ to manage the value creation strategies together with the business combination targets of their current and subsequent SPACs.

    CovQ is an integrated business building suite of services encompassing a method, framework, know-how, and management expertise to deliver compound value creation embedded in a powerful and efficient SaaS platform for strategy execution, reporting, executive alignment and collaboration.

    SPACs, otherwise known as “blank-check companies”, created for the purpose of merger or acquisition opportunities, are often thought of as not requiring comprehensive management systems since the SPAC managers do not participate in a target company’s operations.

    Alex Lee, CFO, stated “Contrary to popular belief, a SPAC entity is itself a complex business enterprise requiring many of the same day-to-day operational processes as that of a target company. Having a clearly defined and integrated “corporate IQ and culture” both during the due diligence process as well as when entering into a definitive agreement with a target company to commence the formal De-SPAC process is critical to a SPAC’s success. By integrating CovQ we now have a cohesive business building infrastructure that allows us to leverage data-driven decision-making, put knowledge into action, measure and monitor progress, and to assess and evolve in our efforts to minimize risk and increase shareholder value.”

    Jonathan Chan, CEO, added “Leveraging executive management technologies such as CovQ which many target companies themselves employ, not only are we ahead of the curve with regards to managing our SPAC’s lifecycle at the execution level but also provide immense value-add to target companies whilst building trust with current and future investors. It’s a 360- degree win-win for the SPAC ecosystem with us at the forefront.”

    Aetherium Acquisition Corp, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, is focused on making investments in leading Education Technology (EdTech) and related technology companies in Asia that have global ambitions by employing data-driven methods in combination with the management team’s long-standing experience in capital markets and technology entrepreneurship. As such, it has positioned itself as an early adopter of the CovQ platform.

    Ralf Hirt, CEO & founder of 8W8: “We developed the CovQ platform to empower companies to deliver their full potential in holistic and system-integrated ways powered by knowledge and tech. We are extremely excited to onboard Aetherium Acquisition Corp. as our first SPAC customer and to see how they leverage CovQ to help ensure success in the SPAC industry.”

    About Aetherium Acquisition Corp.

    Aetherium Acquisition Corp. is a blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. Efforts to identify a prospective target business will not be limited to a particular business, industry or sector or geographical region, although it intends to focus on businesses in the education, training and education technology (“EdTech”) industries, specifically in Asia (excluding China).

    Alex Lee

    About 8W8 Global Business Builders

    8W8 Global Business Builders, NYC,, developed the CovQ platform and brand, aka Compound Value Creator Quotient, to empower business owners, executive teams, boards  and investors to deliver the full potential of their missions and hence make ecosystems a more productive place for the benefit of all stakeholders. CovQ encompasses a corp IQ assessment- system, framework, method and knowledge embedded in SaaS for identifying mission-critical priorities, strategy execution, reporting as well as executive alignment and collaboration. 

    Ralf Hirt

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