Home News Akrobeto’s shocking reaction to his death prophecy [Listen]

Akrobeto’s shocking reaction to his death prophecy [Listen]

Akrobeto’s shocking reaction to his death prophecy [Listen]

Popular Ghanaian actor, Akwasi Boadi, otherwise known as Akrobeto, has reacted to a death prophecy about him.

A prophet claimed in a video that he had seen an accident ahead of him.

The prophet said some people have done something spiritual against Akrobeto and if care is not taken, he will have a car crash.

He dared the actor and television presenter to ask his father, Apostle Kwadwo Safo if his revelation was not true.

Reacting to the prophecy on UTV during the ‘Real News’ Akrobeto stated that he is not afraid of dying.

Since everybody will die someday, the popular actor stressed that he is not afraid to die.

“Just look at this. Negativity all around. All through this Christmas, I haven’t even had time to stay home more than a week. I’m always driving to and fro. Moving from region to region. The hard work I put into my job, I cannot even explain. So if I don’t move a car, what should I move? Prophecies that are not even beneficial are all they talk about. If I were to be a dangerous person, I would have transferred this prophecy back to you. You don’t have any power. I am not scared of accidents, and I’m not better than those who experience accidents. Last year, more than three people prophesied my death, why?”

“I’m the type of person who will walk straight into the place I have been warned about. If you tell me I will die if I go to a particular place, I will walk right there and die. People should learn from me. Don’t let anyone bring your spirit down. What haven’t they said about Despite, yet he still goes about his work and help others,” he fumed on his show.

Listen to his reaction in the video below:

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