Biden Repeats Bizarre Challenge to Legal Gun Owners: You Need an F-15 to Take on the Government

    President Biden repeated bizarre comments that appear like thinly-veiled threats that Americans need more firepower if they wish to take on the federal government, saying Second Amendment proponents need F-15s instead of AR-15s.

    Biden has made the argument on multiple occasions, a reference to the fact that the Second Amendment is a protection against government tyranny, not troublesome deer. 

    “I love my right-wing friends who talk about ‘the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots,’” he said during remarks at yesterday’s National Action Network’s annual MLK Day Breakfast, referencing a famous quote by Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence.

    “Give me a — if you need to worry about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s,” Biden continued. “You don’t need an AR-15. I’m serious.”

    “Think about it,” he added, suggesting he himself had not thought about it.

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    Biden Again Warns Americans They Need an F-15 to Take Down a Tyrannical Government

    This isn’t the first time President Biden has mocked the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

    A right that is necessary for self-defense – against enemies both foreign and domestic.

    “For those brave, right-wing Americans who say it’s all about keeping America independent and safe,” a condescending Biden said this past summer. “If you want to fight against a country, you need an F-15. You need something a little more than a gun.”

    Which is it? This is the same guy and party who regularly claim small caliber semi-automatic rifles are “weapons of war.” Are guns a threat to society and democracy or are they inadequate and no real threat?

    And how many F-15s did Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan have at their disposal?

    Biden’s comments stem from a fundamental misunderstanding that the right to bear arms somehow circulated around deer hunting.

    He has repeatedly mocked gun owners as being feeble and unable to hunt deer because they must be wearing “Kevlar vests” – an argument he made once again on Monday.

    “There’s no social redeeming value,” Biden said of so-called ‘assault weapons.’ “Deer aren’t wearing Kevlar vests out there. What the hell do you need an assault – no, I’m serious.”

    But of course, Biden knows the Second Amendment, written on the heels of a freshly fought American revolution, wasn’t designed to address deer hunting.

    The Second Amendment was designed to be an equalizer for citizens against a potentially corrupt government. 

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    Views Gun Owners as the Enemy

    Biden’s F-15 remarks are little more than a foolish comment that shows the constitutional and historical illiteracy of quite literally the dumbest president this nation has ever known.

    Not a joke.

    What’s remarkable is this is the same man that wants you to believe a rogue band of protesters – unarmed protesters – stormed the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, and very nearly took down the entire federal government.

    But yea, they’ll need F-15s … or something.

    President Biden’s F-15 threat was similar to remarks made by another anti-gun loon, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who once suggested a “war” with gun owners would be short because the government “has nukes.”

    They called Donald Trump a maniac. Yet Biden suggests the government could use F-15s on Americans and Swalwell suggests it could come to a nuclear attack.

    These people are insane.

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