Cancel ‘psychopath’ Chef Smith – Leila Djansi blows hot over sham cook-a-thon

    Leila Djansi
    Leila Djansi

    Acclaimed filmmaker, Leila Djansi has lashed out at Chef Smith following his controversial and fraudulent Guinness World Record cook-a-thon attempt, calling for his removal on social media.

    In a post, Leila expressed her frustration with the Ghanaian public’s reaction to Chef Smith’s apology after he admitted to falsifying records and documentation for his Guinness World Record bid.

    She condemned the lenient response from those who have accepted his apology, arguing that his actions require accountability rather than forgiveness.

    “Honestly! I am appalled at how a majority of folks on Ghana social media are comforting and pampering this Chef Smith guy because he apologized! What’s wrong with y’all? Worried about your own skeletons, huh? This is why there’s zero accountability,” Leila wrote.

    She also criticized the lack of seriousness with which the issue is being tackled, as she described Chef Smith as a “psychopath” for his ability to deceive an entire nation.

    The filmmaker questioned the sincerity of his apology while reiterating that actions must have consequences, referencing the biblical story of David to underline her point.

    “Someone tarnishes your entire image and gets away with it because they apologized. What on earth! David sinned, confessed and apologized, yet the child DIED. God took the child. People need to reap what they sow. Cancel this guy. Make his skin too hot. It will serve as a deterrent. Sanitize Ghana!”

    She argued that, Ghanaians’= love for entertainment, such as cooking and singing, detracts the country from more meaningful contributions and achievements.


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