Home Business CEO of Piwak Natural Health commends FDA for effective regulation of industry

CEO of Piwak Natural Health commends FDA for effective regulation of industry

CEO of Piwak Natural Health commends FDA for effective regulation of industry

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has been commended for its diverse contributions to the progress of the herbal industry in Ghana.

The CEO of Piwak Natural Health, Dr. Prince Nelson Mortoti in an interview with Power 97.9 FM said but for the vigilance of the FDA, the markets of the country would be replete with fake herbal medicines which would harm many and kill thousands.

He said the effective regulation and monitoring of the FDA is why Ghanaians are beginning to have confidence in herbal medicines unlike the previous years.

Dr Mortoti was speaking on the sidelines of the maiden edition of the Jupiter Radio and Television Awards (JRTP) 2022/2023 for the Greater Accra region on Saturday.

Delese Darko is the CEO of FDA.

At the Awards night where media practitioners were honoured for their hard work in the media space, some personalities in various sectors of the economy were also awarded for their contribution to the development of the media and the nation as a whole.

3P Garlic Mixture, an organic herbal medicine manufactured by Piwak Natural Health was adjudged the ‘Best Herbal Medicine’ on the Ghanaian market.

Aside 3P Garlic Mixture being adjudged the best herbal medicine on the Ghanaian market, Dr Mortoti was also presented with a citation which commended him for supporting the wellbeing of Ghanaians with 3P Garlic mixture.

Dr Mortoti holding his awards

Asked whether herbal medicine was becoming popular in Ghana, he responded in the affirmative and applauded the FDA for that success.

“If you look at our industry, there is a perception that our regulators are tough and hate certain persons but ever since I commenced this work, I have noticed that the among all the institutions we work with, it is the FDA that is the most friendly institution and I can say that they help the smooth operations of the industry,” he said.

According to Mortoti, the work of the FDA is to regulate the herbal and other drugs sectors to enhance professionalism and the safety of their medicines for human consumption.

“The FDA has been established by the government not to only regualate us but to also monitor and fish out unscrupulous persons who manufacture fake medicines or imitate already marketed products. I cannot rule out the relevance of FDA in our daily businesses so I’ll say their contributions to the industry is why Piwak has won this award,” Dr Mortoti added.

Asked about the efficacy of his herbal product, he said “this medicine (3P Garlic Mixture) has healed a lot of Ghanaians and Africans of various ailments due to its efficacy. 3P Garlic mixture is the only organic garlic mixture you can find on the Ghanaian market. Its uniqueness is why we have been awarded, ” he said.

About 3P Garlic Mixture

Throwing more light on the effectiveness of 3P Garlic mixture, Dr. Mortoti said it helps manage blood pressure by clearing the veins and arteries of any blockages.

This then helps allow for proper blood circulation to prevent diseases in the body.

He also said the mixture has been known to improve upon the human immune system for a long time, helping fight infections and other diseases.

Dr Mortoti, who believes herbal medicine is the future for Africans, urged regulators to heighten their monitoring to fish out unscrupulous persons who manufacture fake herbal medicines in the country.


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