CNN: Biden Could Face Special Counsel, ‘Full-Blown Criminal Investigation’ as Second Batch of Classified Documents Found

    CNN is reporting that President Biden could face a special counsel and a “full-blown criminal investigation” after a second batch of classified documents were located in a second separate location.

    Earlier this week, an explosive story surfaced indicating classified documents were discovered in a Washington, DC office Biden used during his time as Vice President.

    Ten such documents dated between 2013 and 2016 had been found, some with US intelligence memos and briefing materials on Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom.

    By Wednesday, the situation escalated when NBC News reported on “at least” one additional batch of classified documents being located, though they were unable to provide specifics on the number of files, classification level, or exact location.

    Senator Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, responded to the news with a two-word message: “Special counsel.”

    He wasn’t alone.

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    CNN Suggests Biden Might Face Special Counsel

    While Senator Hawley’s calls for a special counsel may be unsurprising, the fact that CNN is reporting on the possibility that President Biden might face such consequences is remarkable.

    Anchor Kaitlan Collins suggested the duality facing the White House in that Biden could be subject to the same exact scrutiny as former President Donald Trump.

    Collins suggested the situation could become a “headache” for the administration.

    “It would kind of make it look more similar to the Trump case because they would both have a special counsel,” she told viewers.

    Host Jake Tapper, commenting on the initial batch of classified documents found in Biden’s DC office, said Attorney General Merrick Garland is weighing his next options.

    Garland had requested the US attorney in Chicago investigate the matter.

    He is now “weighing whether to open a full-blown criminal investigation” according to Tapper.

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    Media Rushes to Defend Biden

    To nobody’s surprise, the minor league affiliate of the DNC better known as the mainstream media, has been working feverishly to make sure everybody understands there is no comparison between Biden’s mishandling of classified documents and Trump’s alleged behavior.

    Axios, who is oftentimes portrayed as an unbiased source of news, laid out three reasons why Biden’s actions are less severe than Trump’s.

    Those reasons include:

    • The number of documents and level of classification.
    • The actions taken by Biden and Trump following the discovery of said documents.
    • How both men reacted publicly.

    Excuse us, but either mishandling classified documents is a problem or it isn’t. It doesn’t matter if there is one document compared to 100. It doesn’t matter how the culprits responded.

    Did they illegally take the documents or didn’t they? You can’t have a two-tier justice system just because the media likes one man and dislikes another.

    Axios isn’t the only outlet abandoning any pretext that they are simply an arm of the DNC. CNN and NBC News, both of whom reported on the situation initially, also ran columns saying the two situations are not comparable.

    NBC noted “yowls” coming from Republican lawmakers but alleged “the circumstances of the finds are very different.”

    CNN ran an op-ed similar to the Axios report, pointing out that “Biden took the (path) the law requires you to travel on” (Except for the whole, you know, taking classified documents thing) and adding the current President acted like “a grown, mature adult handling a breach of security” while Trump reacted like “an overgrown adolescent prone to tantrums.”

    Would sure love to see the legal argument behind the notion that mishandling classified documents is okay as long as you don’t get mad about getting caught.

    Of course, all of these outlets are missing another glaring difference – Garland authorized a federal raid against one man to locate more documents, while he allowed another to escape unscathed.

    He turned the power of the Justice Department against a political opponent and kept the transgressions of the President, whom he is supposed to be independent of, under wraps to protect him.

    Perhaps that is the true scandal here.

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