Dee Wills picked up in Togo and locked in hospital whilst travelling to Lagos to see lover

    When I got to the Togo border, my dad made a call to the security people and they detained me and told me lies about how I came up in their system and I was red listed because my name is a threat name,” Daniel said.

    In a video shared by Daniel, popularly known as Deewills, he disclosed that he has been locked up a hospital with claims that he is sick.

    I was detained for 3 hours, they waited for my dad’s personal security team to get to the border, they came to pick me up and dropped me at a hospital saying that I am in insane” he said.

    According Deewills in the video below, he still has his phone because he didn’t show off when he was picked up. he is calling for justice, saying that “I need justice, they do this too much. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, this is not how you treat your son,” he said.

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