Everyone’s Talking About the World Economic Forum. What is It?

    Many of you might only know a bit about the World Economic Forum (WEF), and it’s an annual event Davos, named for its hosting location in Switzerland.

    At base, WEF is an organization made up largely of Western power brokers that preaches a lot about climate change and world issues, generally focusing on economic matters.

    You might also associate the WEF with concepts like ‘The Great Reset,’ a sort of New World Order conspiracy spoken about in late-night conservative news programs and widely ridiculed by their left-wing counterparts. If you are an avid reader of my work, you know I have a soft spot for ‘conspiracy theorists’ as they’ve been knocking the truth out of the park lately.

    With Davos kicking off this week, it’s an excellent time to discuss what happens at this annual event and how it eventually trickles down into the ordinary person’s life.

    Sounds Boring

    As I mentioned, the WEF hosts an annual event called Davos where the elites from the world come out to pay homage to founder Klaus Schwab – who reminds me of a James Bond villain who I imagine has a fleet of sharks with lasers on their heads in his basement aquarium – and to make sure they maintain their feelings of importance.

    This year’s attendees include over 600 CEOs, over 50 world leaders, and various celebrities, including Idris Elba.

    Let’s take a gander at just a few of the speakers at this year’s event:

    • “Special Address by Xi Jinping” with China’s President Xi Jinping and Klaus Schwab
    • “COVID-19: What’s Next?” with Anthony Fauci
    • Special Address by Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations
    • “Accelerating and Scaling Up Climate Innovation” – with John Kerry and Bill Gates
    • “A conversation with Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury”

    Not only does all of that sound excruciatingly boring, it also highlights how our global elites gravitate toward one another and share the same views and values.

    Interesting that the special opening address was a duo between a man not well known for human rights or climate friendliness and the founder of the WEF, who could double as Ernst Blofeld.

    But at any rate, is it really so boring, or is there more than meets the eye?

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    Sounds Familiar

    Comedian-turned-commentator Russell Brand has been covering the WEF Davos event and broke down brilliantly what the WEF essentially is for the world:

    “…yet another one of these unelected globalist bodies…”

    He explains how this group preaches about various changes that would significantly affect the lives of the ordinary person but not any of the attendees, as their wealth shields them.

    The best point he’s made, though, is:

    “…policies conceived, discussed and popularized through the discourse at Davos that end up being implemented through governments.”

    Oh, see, now that is interesting. What could he be referring to?

    Let’s talk about those gas stoves. WEF last year posed the idea that the world needs to ween off of gas stoves, and recently we all heard the news about how our government toyed around with the idea of this very concept. 

    This was born from a Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) study that said gas stoves are ‘possibly responsible’ for 12% of childhood asthma. This year at Davos, RMI CEO Jon Creyts will be a guest speaker.

    Huh, that’s interesting. The study his institute conducted was an observational study which a Harvard Medical School study noted:

    “…can’t prove that cooking with gas is the direct cause of asthma.”

    However, the idea has kept circulating.

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    Recalibrate Your Mind

    The left-wing media is quick to try to debunk facts as conspiracy theories cooked up by right-wing loons sitting nervously in their doomsday bunkers.

    One such theory is that the WEF is striving to reorganize society by, as the Associated Press put it:

    “…using global uncertainty as a guise to take away rights.”

    I can’t imagine why anyone would possibly think that crazy talk. Maybe because people notice things, like how the WEF pushed a phrase that was in a now-deleted article on its website written by Ida Auken, a member of Denmark’s parliament, that said:

    “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”

    I know what you are thinking; that’s way too crazy, and besides, this was years ago that this article was published and has since been deleted from the WEF website.

    However, it was this week that Australian eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman said at Davos:

    “…we’re going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights.”

    Are we, now?

    Which rights specifically? Freedom of speech and the right to data protection. 

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    Echo chamber

    The best event scheduled this year at Davos is titled, ‘The Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation’ with none other than former CNN alum Brian Stelter.

    The description of this event is as follows:

    “How can the public, regulators and social media companies better collaborate to tackle disinformation, as information pollution spreads at unprecedented speed and scale?”

    First, information pollution is such a fantastically bloated phrase that I bet we’ll start seeing it everywhere in our media in the next few months. Second, I bet dollars to donuts that the event will talk in-depth about recalibrating free speech to decrease information pollution.

    In plain English: how us mere peasants and everyone with Incorrect Opinions must be silenced.

    Another topic that will receive much discussion at Davos includes pushing digital identification. Interesting how the left seems all in on digitizing all of our information, leaving us all vulnerable to geolocation without consent, social credit systems, and batching of biometric data, but don’t dare bring up voter identification.

    Of note, soon, California will be adopting digital identification.

    Elon Musk, who is a brutal critic of the WEF, explains:

    “It’s not some illuminati plot to destroy humanity, but rather an extension of the well-meaning environmental sustainability movement that has gone too far.”

    In part, I agree.

    As for the WEF as a whole, it is important to keep tabs on what the elites are thinking and proposing, but it’s equally important to place accountability where it’s due.

    It wasn’t the WEF or Klaus Schwab who locked us down during COVID; that was our elected leaders who we voted for. 

    The WEF wasn’t the one that forced many of us in various industries to get a vaccine that now seems to be embroiled in controversy regarding side effects; that was our elected leaders who we voted for.

    The free flow of ideas, even bad, terrible, or horrific ones, is essential. What is dangerous is how they seem to be the only ideas being preached, and we keep voting for the same fools who keep implementing these dumb ideas. 

    It won’t be long before we all eat impossible burgers made from insects on our electric stoves with our digital IDs selling our information to the Chinese. 

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