GOP Congressman Calls to Add Bust of Ukraine’s Zelensky in the U.S. Capitol Building: MTG Says Absolutely Not!

    Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed a resolution brought forth by South Carolina GOP congressman Joe Wilson calling for a bust of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to be displayed at the Capitol.

    Wilson’s resolution declares the Fine Arts Board responsible for obtaining a bust of Zelenskyy “for display in the House of Representatives wing of the United States Capitol” in a “permanent location.”

    It wasn’t embarrassing enough to see Vice President Kamala Harris and then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unfurl a Ukrainian flag during a special joint session of Congress last month. Wilson just upped the ante.

    The resolution has zero co-sponsors and has been referred to the House Committee on House Administration.

    We’re confident that if Zelenskyy could join the effort as a co-sponsor, he would. He might even pay for the bust himself using money that came out of your paycheck. What a bargain.

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    Zelenskyy Bust in The Capitol – Hard Pass

    The question here is, how did Joe Wilson beat Democrats to the punch on a bust of Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the Capitol? How was it Wilson and not some other Ukraine First Republican like dearly departed Adam Kinzinger or ‘conservatives are the real terrorists’ Dan Crenshaw?

    Wilson’s resolution received a harsh response from Representative Greene (R-GA).

    “Absolutely NOT!” she wrote on Twitter. “We serve AMERICA NOT UKRAINE!”

    You’d like to think that, but reality dictates our last Congress most certainly serves Ukraine just as much, if not more than, the American people.

    Here’s hoping this session of Congress is different.

    Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) also seemed to take exception to the idea of a bust of the Ukrainian President being prominently displayed in the Capitol.

    “Was the $100+ billion to Ukraine not enough?” he quipped.

    Nah, the odds of it being enough for Zelenskyy and his drooling disciples in Congress are slim to none.

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    Pure Insanity

    Also fired up about the proposed bust of Zelenskyy in the Capitol was Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who once called the Ukrainian President a “troll” for repeatedly “shaking down” Congress for more money.

    “You’re seeing some of the nicest people in Washington make some of the dumbest statements because they’ve been infected by this brain virus,” said Carlson.

    “So members of Congress who are again decent people are now trying to spend your money on a monument to a foreign leader in the U.S. Capitol,” he added. “That’s insane.”

    Insane, yes. But we’ve seen stranger things at the Capitol.

    This is the same place where Democrats, inside Emancipation Hall, paid tribute to another false hero in George Floyd, taking a knee for nearly nine minutes while sporting kente cloths.

    Just an absolute clown show.

    Democrats last year also wanted to erect a memorial and educational exhibit to the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

    The Capitol Remembrance Act, as it is known, “would serve as a memorial to the heroic law enforcement officers who lost their lives and a reminder to future generations that our democracy is only as strong as our willingness to uphold it,” according to Representative Jason Crow upon introducing the bill.

    The Act has 93 co-sponsors.

    How many will sign onto the Zelenskyy bust resolution?

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