Here are 5 ways Mahama proposed to reset Ghana for macroeconomic stability

    He did not hold back in his criticism of the current leadership, accusing them of leading Ghana into a serious economic crisis.

    He described the country’s economic state as bleak, pointing out widespread poverty, unemployment, and social inequality that have affected Ghanaians over the past eight years.

    He said leadership is about vision, and the 24-hour economy is the vision to create decent and well-paying jobs. delves into the narratives of how Mahama wants to rest Ghana when given the nod in the 2024 general elections.

    • Experience: Unlike any other candidate, I have navigated Ghana through tough economic waters before. My presidency was marked by significant infrastructure development, building economic buffers for inclusive growth while ensuring macroeconomic stability.

    I understand the intricacies of national crisis management and possess the proven experience to RESET Ghana from the economic challenges we face today.

    • Visionary leadership for economic revival: My vision for Ghana is rooted in sustainable development. I will focus on revitalising our economy for job creation through industrialisation, enhancing agriculture, and ensuring the efficient use of our natural resources.

    My administration will introduce cross-cutting innovative policies that are inclusive, growth-oriented, and capable of restoring hope to our youth.

    • Commitment to job creation: Recognising that our youth are the backbone of this nation, my government will prioritise and create decent, well-paying, and sustainable jobs.

    By fostering a conducive environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, the government and the private sector will not only tackle unemployment but also inspire a generation of change-makers and problem-solvers.

    • Championing social justice and equality: I wholeheartedly believe in a Ghana where every citizen, regardless of their background or gender, has equal opportunities to thrive. Under my leadership, social interventions and educational reforms will be strengthened.

    The vulnerable in our society will be protected and given the opportunity to change their circumstances. Let me add that gender equality will be a cardinal feature of the Mahama-Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang.

    We would lead an administration that promotes gender inclusivity in every government policy.

    That is why we propose to establish a national women’s bank to empower women to close the gender gap financially. One million women will benefit from the women’s bank to finance their small and medium-scale businesses.

    • A call to National unity: Ghana’s strength lies in its diversity. The polarisation and partisan politics that have characterised the current government’s tenure should have no place in the

    Ghana we aim to build. As President, I will foster a spirit of national cohesion, encouraging all Ghanaians to contribute towards nation-building, regardless of their political or ethnic affiliations.

    To the youth of Ghana, I say: I understand the frustration and disillusionment many of you feel. I can relate to the recent cynicism and massive mistrust in our body politics because the current government has been undeserving of your trust!

    The challenges of today might seem insurmountable, but I urge you to look beyond the present and dream with me of a RESET Ghana—The Ghana we all want, where your talents and hard work determine your success.

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