Here’s what Tanzania is doing to become the next big online business hub in Africa

    Minister of Information, Communications, and Information Technology Nape Nnauye stated that the government is investing heavily in ICT, including the construction of the National Fiber Optic Cable network, known as the National ICT Broadband Backbone. According to Xinhua, this network will connect Tanzania’s major cities and towns, providing high-speed internet access to businesses and individuals. The National ICT Broadband Backbone is part of the government’s broader strategy to improve internet connectivity across the country, which will play a critical role in making Tanzania an online business hub.

    In addition to the infrastructure investments, the government has put in place laws, regulations, and procedures for overseeing online businesses. Nnauye stated that the government is committed to creating an environment that is conducive for online businesses to thrive. The laws, regulations, and procedures have been designed to protect the rights of online business owners and consumers while also promoting competition and innovation.

    Emmanuel Mannaseh, Director of Communications with the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), highlighted the role of youth in the digital economy. He said that the regulator will continue to create a friendly environment that will enable the youth to participate in the digital economy. Mannaseh urged the youth to use the opportunities created by digital technology to improve their welfare, stating that the digital economy is a significant driver of economic growth and job creation.

    The government’s efforts to develop the digital economy are already bearing fruit. The number of internet users in Tanzania has increased significantly in recent years, with more people gaining access to high-speed internet. This has led to a surge in online businesses, with many entrepreneurs taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the internet to start and grow their businesses.

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