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    Economists Fret Over Perils Ahead For Global Growth
    Via Bloomberg: The world economy looks to be transitioning to a more difficult era where interest rates will be higher, geopolitical tensions greater and uncertainties more pronounced. Read More

    You’re Not Wayne Gretzky- Don’t Skate To Where The Puck Is Going; Skate To Where It Is Right Now
    Via @randfish on Twitter: Marketers shouldn’t try to predict the future, they should invest where the audience is already paying attention. Read More


    The Vietnamese have an unusual deity for a section of the house. What part of the house does the god reside in?

    The answer is featured at the end of the newsletter!


    Your Guide To Making Anything You Want Happen In 2023
    Via Camille Styles: Wondering how to invite more personal growth into your life in 2023? Read More


    The State Of AI In 2022–And A Half Decade In Review
    Via McKinsey & Company: The 2022 McKinsey Global Survey on AI shows the expansion of the technology’s business adoption over the last five years and provides insights on tech talent. Read More

    People Have Gone Wild Over ChatGPT. Here Are The Practical Uses For Marketers, Programmers And Journalists
    Via Market Watch: The AI technology can help nearly anyone generate ideas and improve their work. Read More


    Vietnamese Business Culture
    Via Cultural Atlas: Cultural norms and etiquette in professional settings and business meetings Read More

    The 7 Art Forms You Must Explore In Vietnam
    Via Artisera: Only 40 years after a destructive war, Vietnam has, in recent years become one of the world’s favorite travel destinations! Read More

    [Video] Song Of The Week: Đen ft. MIN-  Bài Này Chill Phết
    Via YouTube: Đen, who was born Nguyen Duc Cuong, is a Vietnamese rapper and musician making music in the underground wave and Indie music scene. Watch Here

    You Can Also Check Out Previously Featured Artists In Our Playlists on Spotify and YouTube!


    Asia, EU & The UK, North America

    Europe’s Recession May Not Be As Bad As Feared
    Via CNN: European stocks are pushing higher for the third straight day as investors cheer signs that inflation, supply chain bottlenecks and natural gas prices are all easing. Read More

    Business Missions, Leisure Travel Between Singapore And China Poised To Restart As Curbs Ease
    Via The Straits Times: Connectivity between the two countries has gradually been re-established. Read More


    Vietnamese people often have a little place in their kitchen which honors Ong Tao, also known as the Kitchen God! Essentially, he watches the family and gives a report to the Jade Emperor (king of Heaven) on how they have done in the past year, which decides their fate for the next year.

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