How to check your MTN mobile money registration details [Self-Help]

    The MTN network in Ghana is one of the best networks as it comes with freebies and other features. You can use your MTN mobile money to shop online or top-up airtime for your loved ones.

    The network also has different ways you can use your money including sending it to friends, and family members and even paying bills like electricity or water bills.

    If you have registered for an MTN mobile money account but have forgotten your password, there are ways in which you can access the account without having to go through lengthy procedures.

    MTN Mobile Money in Ghana
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    Why it is important to check your MTN mobile money registration details

    • It is important to check your MTN mobile money registration details because you can change them.
    • You can change your mobile money registration details if you want to change the password.
    • You can also change your mobile money registration details if you want to change the email address.

    How to reactivate MTN mobile money after registration

    If you have registered but are unable to log in to your MTN mobile money account, here is how to reactivate your account.

    • Dial *170#
    • Select option 6
    • Tap Option 5(Change and reset password)
    • Choose Option 2 to reset the password
    • Type in your new password and proceed

    How to check your mobile money registration details

    Several reasons why you might want to check your mobile money registration details. For example, you may want to confirm if a transfer or payment was successful or if an error was made in the process.

    • Dial *170#
    • Choose option 6 (my wallet)
    • Type in your number for more
    • Select option 10
    • You will then see the name you registered for mobile money with, including the name of your next kin.
    • You can change the name of your kin by choosing option 1.

    How to change your MTN mobile money details

    If you find out that there is a mistake or misinformation with your mobile money registration details, you need to correct it. Not doing so will prevent you from making transactions such as receiving money.

    It is because MTN requires an ID card verification each time you withdraw money from your wallet. If there is a mismatch in your details you can be blocked or banned from using the mobile money service. Here is how to change your mobile money details.

    • Visit any MTN office near you with a valid ID card. Currently, the Ghana card is the only accepted card for registration with mobile SIM cards or mobile money. 
    • You must speak to the customer service agents to make a complaint.
    • You will have to give them your card/ details of identification.
    • They will put your details in the database.
    • Check after a few minutes to see if there are any changes.

    As we have seen, checking your MTN mobile money registration details is not a hard thing to do. You only need to follow the steps and you are good to go. If there is anything you have questions about that we did not cover in this article, then feel free to contact MTN customer service by dialling 100 or sending them an email at

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