How to transfer data from Vodafone to Vodafone

    Vodafone is the go-to service provider for people who are always on the move. It offers a variety of convenient data plans that can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

    One of the things that Vodafone is best known for is its affordable rates and great value for money. Moreover, it also offers some of the most advanced data transfer options that you can find in any other network provider.

    One such feature is called ‘Data Transfer’. This allows you to transfer your data/airtime from one Vodafone to another and even to other networks using either your Vodafone Cash or dialing *700#.

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    How to transfer data from Vodafone to Vodafone using *700#

    • Dial 700#
    • It will open a list of Vodafone offers
    • Select Option 4 (Bundle for someone)
    • Select a data bundle package from the list
    • Choose whether to pay with airtime or Vodafone Cash
    • Enter the number you want to buy the bundle for
    • Press 1 to confirm
    • If you choose to pay for the data bundle with Vodafone Cash, you must enter your pin to complete the transaction.

    How to transfer data from Vodafone to Vodafone using *110#

    To transfer data from Vodafone to Vodafone using *110#, follow these steps:

    • Dial 110 and press send.
    • Select option 3(Buy airtime or data)
    • Select option 2 (Buy data/2moorch)
    • Choose option 2 (other)
    • Enter & confirm the recipient number
    • Key in your Vodafone Cash pin to confirm the transaction.

    How to transfer your fixed broadband data to your phone on Vodafone

    Fixed broadband data is Vodafone’s solution to having a fast internet connection via WiFi at home. One downside of having Wifi at home is that you can only use it whiles at home. But with Vodafone, you can link your fixed broadband data to your phone and use your data even while away from home.

    • Dial *900#
    • You will have three options to Sign Up, Complete signup with a confirmation code or request broadband.
    • Enter the broadband user ID or SmartSurf number
    • Select option 3
    • Then follow through with the prompt to subscribe

    Note that there are terms and conditions to this offer. If you want the list of terms and conditions please visit this link.

    How to reverse the airtime on Vodafone

    There may come a time when you mistakenly sent data/airtime to the wrong Vodafone number. Don’t worry by following these simple steps you can reverse any airtime sent to the wrong number.

    • Dial *110#
    • Select option 7 (Self-Service)
    • Choose option 2 (Self-reversal Vodafone/Voucher) or option 3 (request reversal of other networks)
    • Enter your Vodafone cash pin
    • Enter the transaction ID without the preceding zeros
    • Follow the prompt

    Best Vodafone mobile data packages

    Vodafone mobile data plans are ideal for those who love to stream, download and share content on their phones. If you frequently use your phone to browse the internet, watch YouTube videos and listen to music, we suggest you get one of these deals.

    Vodafone Made 4 Me offer.
    This is a daily package bundle that lasts only 24 hours and the offers differ every day. Dial *530#

    Night Bundles
    The Vodafone night bundles are a favourite for many. They do not expire, and the best part? They are affordable. Dial *700#
    Select option 1 (Buy data)
    Choose option 6(Night King)

    Vodafone Cash Special Offers
    They are affordable data bundles that are perfect when you need a lot of data for a short period.

    • Dial *110#
    • Select option 3
    • Choose 3 ( Special offers)

    It’s easy to transfer data from Vodafone to Vodafone. Follow the steps above and share data with your friends and family. It is that simple!

    We hope this article has helped you learn how to transfer data from Vodafone to Vodafone.

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