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I have not betrayed the mandate of Ghanaians

I have not betrayed the mandate of Ghanaians
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President Nana Akufo-Addo has touted his government’s achievements, stating in all good conscience, he has not betrayed the mandate the good people of Ghana conferred on him.

Akufo-Addo was addressing members of the Diplomatic Corps at the 2024 News Year’s Greetings event held at Peduase.

“I can say in all conscience that I have not betrayed the mandates of the good people of Ghana conferred on me. All that has been done is partly due to the support I have received from the International community,” he stated.

He emphasised that his track record in the various sectors is evident for all to see.

“I want to state with all modesty, I am exceedingly proud of my record in office and the considerable achievements that have been recorded in all sectors of national life these last seven years; several of which have been very difficult as a result of global developments.

“Whether it is in the management of the economy, education, healthcare, roads and railway development, digitalisation, infrastructural development, Agriculture and industrial transformation, the protection of Ghana’s territorial integrity and security, the fight against corruption, the battle against environmental degradation, the response to COVID-19 pandemic, entrenching the tenets of good governance and the rule of law, upholding respect for international law and multilateralism; the record is there for all to see,” President Akufo-Addo noted.

The President also used the occasion to reiterate his administration’s commitment to ensuring peaceful elections this year and ensure that the free will of the people manifests.

“As you all know this year is an election year, on 7th December, Ghanaian people will elect a new President and a new Parliament; the term of the present Parliament expires at the end of the year and I am in the last year of the permissible eight years that the citizens can exercise the functions of President,” he added.

His government he touted is clear about its obligation and duty to ensure that the impending elections are conducted in an atmosphere of peace and security, in full transparency and respect for the electoral laws.

“I am confident that the Security Agencies will be alive to to their responsibilities and will ensure that the free will of the Ghanaian people, their choice of national leadership will be manifest.

“Ghanaians cherish our reputation as the beacon of democracy in Africa and that the forthcoming elections will reinforce this reputation,” he emphasised.


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