Mahama pledges lean, highly efficient government to curb expenditure

    The NDC flagbearer, John Mahama, has reiterated his commitment to drastically reduce the size of government if he becomes president.

    In one of his Mahama Conversations with the media in Accra on Sunday, Mahama criticised the Akufo-Addo government for having bloated appointees of ministers and deputy ministers.

    This the former President says has led to economic mismanagement.

    For his part, Mr Mahama said, “I will run a lean, highly effective, and efficient government of no more than 60 ministers and deputy ministers”.

    He stressed that this promise demonstrates his genuine commitment to curbing government expenditure.

    “My leaner government will be the cleanest government Ghana has ever experienced. It will serve Ghanaians far better and set higher standards for future governments. What we have now can never be and should never be a yardstick,” he stated.

    Mr Mahama also stated his goal to launch a renewed fight against corruption.

    “I will keep my appointees in check, and Ghanaians can be assured that drastic steps will be taken to punish the corrupt officials and their accomplices in this present government.

    “No actor in this NPP corruption enterprise will be spared. We will also take action to repossess what has been unlawfully stolen from the Ghanaian people,” he added.

    The NDC leader’s commitment to a leaner government and stricter anti-corruption measures aims to restore trust in public office and ensure better governance for all Ghanaians.

    He said his next government will “set up an independent value-for-money office to scrutinise all government procurements above a $5 million threshold or as shall be recommended by Parliament.”



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