MSNBC Pundit Makes the Single Worst ‘Voter ID is Racist’ Claim We’ve Seen Yet

    I’m sure the late great Dr. Martin Luther King would be thrilled to know that on a day we are meant to take a knee, reflect on his preachings, and volunteer our time to serve our community, we now spend the day claiming everyone is a racist for even the most absurd infractions.

    I should’ve guessed that the news network that’s basically a 24/7 liberal whine-fest would lead the charge.

    MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace had Dr. Jason Johnson on to discuss how Republicans are busy hatching evil voter integrity laws like… requiring identification to vote.

    Dr. Johnson raised the bar, with an argument so absurd my jaw dropped. 


    Despite actual evidence to the contrary, outlets like MSNBC and pundits like Dr. Johnson continue to spout their nonsense largely unchallenged by anyone of actual sense and logic. Luckily for you, dear reader, I’m not scared of much, and certainly not of challenging false claims by any side of the aisle.


    The quip that gained the most eyebrow raises from Dr. Johnson was this little gem about election integrity laws:

    “There’s a certain segment of white people in America who would rather have their own lives inconvenienced than run the risk of black people being on an equal plane.”

    I find it curious how he doesn’t say specifically what ‘certain segment’ of white people he refers to; I firmly believe you should say what you mean and mean what you say, which is why I’ll probably never get elected to Congress. Let’s chat about this concept of ‘inconvenience.’

    Perhaps it’s from my two decades of military service where you are never allowed to be without positive possession of your military identification card. Still, I always leave my house with my driver’s license and various other forms of identification. At any given time when I am outside my domicile, I have my state-issued driver’s license and my military retiree ID card. 

    It’s not an inconvenience; it’s second nature. Dr. Johnson continued:

    “The intention is to keep black people from voting, but it inconveniences everybody.”

    How is it not racist to imply that a population of Americans based solely on the color of their skin lacks the knowledge and ability to apply obtain a government-issued identification card? And how is it an inconvenience to show your ID card to vote?

    You must show proper identification to fly a plane, get a tattoo, pick up medication, purchase beer, buy a lottery ticket, and do countless other activities.

    Are you telling me that entire swaths of the black community aren’t flying aircraft, getting tattoos, picking up medicine prescribed by their doctors, buying alcoholic beverages, or testing their luck with the MEGA millions?

    And what does his argument even mean, anyway? That white people find it a terrible inconvenience to show a poll worker their ID card for two seconds? That they not only find this to be an inconvenience, but that they get terrible kicks out of it because it means black people can’t vote?

    What’s next, you have a bridge to sell me in Vietnam?

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    Racist Election Deniers

    Nicolle Wallace tried to make the segment about Republicans who don’t care about voter suppression and only care about election integrity.

    In contrast, Dr. Johnson took it to the next logical liberal step, stating:

    “I don’t think you can take partisanship out of it, because really the partisanship is just a proxy for racism.”

    It’s not surprising Dr. Johnson takes it to this level; when the left doesn’t like something or finds a group of people that disagrees with them, their default is to label said obstacle as racist. But, of course, this is the same when they also lose elections.

    Tennessee Democrat candidate for the 7th congressional district Odessa King said after her devastating loss by 20%:

    “I just lost a congressional race due to White Supremacy, gerrymandering, racist (GOP), undercover racist BlueDog Dems, and voter suppression, not cus Rep. Mark Green was better. So I need a couple days to process.”

    Where I come from, we call that a sore loser. Dr. Johnson also weighed in on the midterms before votes were even counted in Georgia, pre-emptively denying the results of the election, stating:

    “…we can’t say that whatever happens tonight is a fair and equitable election, because there have been too many laws passed by election deniers to keep people from expressing themselves.”

    It’s important to note that there was record voter turnout this past election in Georgia. I also enjoy the irony of someone denying an election in anticipation of the election and blaming… election deniers. And then winning anyway.

    Should Georgia get a re-do since it wasn’t a “fair and equitable election” that the Democrats won?

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    For all the left’s talk about limiting misinformation, they sure to peddle much of it with impunity. In regards to the idea that ‘inconvenient’ voter ID laws are an example of white people wanting to suppress the vote of black people, Dr. Johnson used Ohio as an example:

    “I am very sure that somebody living in Lorraine, Ohio, doesn’t like the fact that their ID cards and things don’t work the way they used to as well.”

    According to Ohio state law, acceptable items for identification to vote include:

    • Non-expired photo identification
    • Military ID card
    • Utility bill
    • Bank statement
    • Government check
    • Paycheck

    First, the implication that black people don’t have any of those items is insulting. It assumes that black people, based only on the fact that they are black, don’t pay their bills, don’t have bank accounts, and of course, don’t have an identification card. 

    What Dr. Johnson is saying in a slightly cleverer way is the same thing now Senator then-candidate John Fetterman of Pennsylvania claimed:

    “…at any given time there’s tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who typically are on the poorer side and are people of color that are less likely to have their ID at any one given time.”

    Is that a fact? And why is that John? Unfortunately, the left never seems to explain this logic, probably because it’s, wait for it, racist.

    What We Want

    I love how people like Dr. Johnson think that just because they have a Ph.D., they can speak to what is in the hearts and minds of everyone else. However, his claim that white people would rather be inconvenienced by voter ID laws than let black people vote is absurd and disgusting. 

    There is nothing inconvenient about having a valid form of identification on you when you go to vote. Voting in its purest form is going to a location, proudly and clearly proclaiming who you are and your eligibility to vote, and selecting your choice on who you want to represent you. 

    Showing a form of identification is something that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status and race, should want, and most do. According to a survey done by Monmouth University, 8 out of 10 Americans support voter identification requirements.

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    Now, I’m not a mathematician, but that means a fair chunk of those who are for voter identification requirements don’t have the same skin color as myself and probably range from low to high income. It is not racist to want voters to show their identification before they vote.

    It is racist to claim people can’t obtain and carry their ID cards on them based solely on the color of their skin.

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