Never Trumper Kinzinger Reduced to Selling Autographed Copies of the January 6th Committee Report

    Fanatical Never Trumper Congressman-turned-CNN contributor Adam Kinzinger is selling autographed copies of the January 6th select committee final report online – and you can get yours for just $100.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    Kinzinger is hawking the “limited edition hardcover” reports on the Country First PAC store website. It is a PAC he created in July of 2021 in response to the Capitol riot.

    The site describes the committee’s work as “perhaps the most vital congressional investigation in American history” and describes that day as one in which “the United States came perilously close to losing its democracy.”

    So, we know if it’s ever sold in book form, it should immediately be categorized as fiction.

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    Kinzinger Selling Signed Copies of the January 6th Report

    All proceeds from the Adam Kinzinger signed copy of the January 6th final report go to the U.S. Capitol Police Memorial Fund, according to the site, something that was only added in recent days after a Fox News report outed the grift.

    The Country First PAC originally had no mention of proceeds going anywhere but in their pockets, but after Fox highlighted the sale an addendum was placed on the page stating: “All proceeds will benefit charitable organizations working to uphold and defend democracy in America.”

    By Wednesday, they had added the memorial fund note to the page.

    Federalist editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway called Kinzinger’s attempts to capitalize on the fall of democracy as “so so gross.”

    Tim Graham, the executive editor of NewsBusters, openly wondered if the pay rate for CNN contributors isn’t so hot, leading Kinzinger to try and make a quick buck.

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    A Weepy, Shell of a Man

    It’s kind of sad really. Kinzinger thought that by dancing like a trained monkey on behalf of the Democrats and supporting the insurrection narrative, his career was going to blossom. 

    Instead, he had to resign from Congress after his left-wing pals unveiled a new congressional map that significantly impacted his chances of winning in 2022.

    He then got picked up as a contributor by CNN where his little ‘insurrection’ thoughts will only go out into an echo chamber of roughly three viewers.

    And now, autographing reports from a committee that is generally considered to be a clown show.


    This is almost as bad as the time Hillary Clinton was hawking shoes for singer Katy Perry. Or that time she was selling autographed copies of her own book in the dairy aisle at a local Costco.

    At least Adam has his career at CNN to fall back on. And he has some other projects possibly in the works.

    In an exit interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Kinzinger indicated he’d be interested in writing his own book or memoir at some point, or possibly running for Governor, the Senate, or President.

    In one of the most brutal takedowns we’ve ever seen on broadcast television, Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently blasted Kinzinger as a “weepy man” suffering from “a full-blown case of male menopause.”

    Honestly, I would consider paying for a copy of the report if, instead of his autograph, the pages were filled with Kinzinger’s genuine tears.

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