Popular singer’s wife posts disturbing photos of poison amid divorce

    Tension surrounding the divorce of popular singer Harrison Okiri, better known as Harrysong, has escalated after his estranged wife, Alexer Peres, posted a disturbing image on social media.

    She shared a photo of Sniper insecticide on her Instagram story, alarming her followers.

    Sniper is a potent chemical often linked to suicide cases, which has prompted immediate concern for her well-being.

    This incident follows months of public conflict between the former couple.

    In January 2024, Harrysong and Alexer took to social media to announce the end of their marriage, which had begun in March 2021 and produced two children.

    Their separation has since been marred by accusations and public disputes.

    Harrysong has alleged that, Alexer became pregnant by another man while they were still married, further claiming that they had not been intimate for a year prior to her pregnancy announcement.

    Alexer has vehemently denied these accusations, instead alleging that Harrysong engaged in infidelity and subjected her to domestic violence.

    In a series of statements, Alexer revealed that she had suffered from infections due to Harrysong’s alleged infidelities but chose to forgive him repeatedly in an attempt to save their marriage.

    Despite their mutual agreement to separate, she claims Harrysong has continued to publicly attack and humiliate her without provocation.

    Her recent social media post has heightened fears among her fans and the general public, who are concerned about her mental health.

    Fans and well-wishers have expressed their worry on various social media platforms, urging her to seek support for her mental well-being.

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