Resuming sex after birth: Here’s what to do

    There may be times you may wonder ‘how would sex feel after delivery’, ‘when is it safe to have sex after giving birth?’, ‘Can sex cause infection after birth’ or ‘Why is my libido low after pregnancy’? But take a breather.

    Sex after birth is not an alien concept. All you’ve got to do is take a plunge with a bit of caution:

    Taking a warm bath or using lubricants may help ease the pain and vaginal dryness experienced during intercourse.

    Developing intimacy post-delivery may strengthen the bond between couples. Intimacy is not only sex. Try hand-holding, hugging, date lunches or dinners and massage sessions. These can be very useful in keeping the bonding alive.

    Communicating with each other about the desire to resume sex and pleasurable experiences goes a long way in nurturing the relationship.

    When you go for a six-week postnatal checkup with your doctor, you can discuss contraceptive options and once she ensures the healing is good you can resume sexual intercourse.

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