Home News Some pastors use our weaknesses to heal us – Kobby Kyei  

Some pastors use our weaknesses to heal us – Kobby Kyei  

Some pastors use our weaknesses to heal us – Kobby Kyei  

Ghanaian media personality Kobby Kyei has delved into the profound capabilities of the human mind.

Kobby Kyei’s insights shed light on a fascinating aspect of the human psychology, particularly concerning the influence of belief and suggestion on our wellbeing.

In a recent episode of the Mastering Your Mindset series on Konnected Minds podcast, Kobby told the host Derrick Abaitey about how powerful the mind is in overcoming fear and getting healed from sicknesses.

“Have you noticed that if there food, let’s say iced kenkey in a fridge, you take it and drink, you are all over the place, hosting your podcast and all. And then later they tell you the iced kenkey you drunk is spoilt, why did you take it? You begin to fall sick. You begin to have some funny feeling in your body,” he said. 

During the discussion, Kobby Kyei highlighted a common relatable phenomenon observed within the religious contexts, where some pastors employ what he referred to as a “trick” to facilitate healings.

He illustrated this point by referencing instances where congregants are given prophecies to drink water during healing services, accompanied by a directive to “add faith” for the promised healing to manifest.

According to Kobby Kyei, by instilling a sense of faith and belief in the congregants, pastors effectively harness the mind’s potential to catalyze healing processes within their body.

“I say to the glory of God, I hardly go to the hospital. Because I have been able to practice and use my mind. So anytime I am sick, like small headache, I shake it off. I will be fine. 

That is the reason some pastors use that as our weakness to the vulnerable. Because the pastor will tell you that if you don’t have faith, what he is telling you will not go. Why don’t you have faith yourself that that sickness will go? They will tell you ‘take the water, it will go. I pray onto the water’, and they will take the water and it will go,” he said. 

The Konnected Minds podcast is known for its commitment to providing valuable and insightful content to its audience.

The show continues to foster deep and meaningful conversations around topics such as mental health, entertainment, counseling etc.

Through platforms like Konnected Minds, people are afforded the opportunity to explore diverse perspectives and gain a much deeper understanding of the human experience.

Watch Kobby Kyei’s episode HERE


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