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Tech Nova Is Looking For Guest Contributors For Our Website

Tech Nova Is Looking For Guest Contributors For Our Website

We’re currently looking for contributions from independent writers who want to submit articles to our website for publication.

For a bit of background about us: Tech Nova is an online news publication on a mission to provide our audience with a view of what’s happening in the technology ecosystem in Ghana and Africa. 

We provide insights on local startups, their products and cover the innovative ways in which they are using technology to solve major problems for Africans.

We have a combined following of 5000 followers across social media channels (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) and an online readership base that spans across several African countries.

We realize that there is so much happening in the technology ecosystem across Africa and we recognize that we alone will not be able to tell all the stories. Our goal is to build a community of cross-functional writers across the continent contributing to the building of tech media in Africa.

Why Write For Tech Nova

  • Visibility: Your writing reaches a wide and diverse audience of readers
  • Backlinks: You get the opportunity to link one piece of your brand; it could be your blog, or a link to your social media account.
  • Portfolio content: At Tech Nova, we credit our writers accordingly. What this means for you is, you get a piece of your writing on the internet which means more content to include in your portfolio
  • A chance to tell important stories in the African Tech ecosystem

How to Contribute to Tech Nova

If you would like to come on board as a guest contributor for Tech Nova, please fill this form and we will be in touch.

Contributor Guidelines

We have some guidelines if you’re looking at being a contributor:


Tech Nova is focused on the Ghanaian and African tech ecosystem. Our readers tend to be more focused in Ghana but we get readers from other parts of the world, including the US, UK and other parts of Africa.

Your contributions should be leaning towards those readers to impart knowledge and give them insight on interesting topics.

What Kind Of Contributions We’re Looking For

We’re not looking for self promotions. We’re looking for contributions which are meaningful to our readers. Have a piece of e-sports and how it can affect Africans in the next 5 years? We would love that!

Sending an article about how your 3 month startup might be a unicorn? Hmm…not so much.

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