The Supreme Court Becomes A Laughingstock As It Claims That It Can’t Find The Conservative Roe Leaker

    After numerous reports that the draft of the overturn of Roe v. Wade was leaked by a conservative, the Supreme Court claims that it can’t find the leaker.

    Axios reported, “The Supreme Court said Thursday that its investigation into the leaked draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson has so far failed to identify the responsible party but noted the probe will continue with the court’s ‘full support.’”

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    There have been reports for months that someone in the SCOTUS conservative majority leaked the Roe draft because Chief Justice John Roberts was making progress with work on a compromise decision that would have protected the right to choose.

    The Supreme Court is not a big and unwieldy bureaucracy. The odds are that the conservative majority knows who leaked the draft but don’t want to turn in one of their own, so they will pretend they can’t find those responsible until the story goes away.

    The Supreme Court is looking for the leaker in the same way that OJ is looking for the real killer. The idea that they can’t find the leaker is a joke that should be taken seriously by anyone.

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