The top 5 tech hubs in Accra

    Tech hubs are all the rage these days. They’re popping up in every city from New York to Nairobi, and they’re changing the way we think about tech innovation. So why should you care? Because tech hubs are accelerating innovation in Ghana’s capital city of Accra.

    Tech hubs are like incubators for new ideas, where people can come together to share data, make connections, and work on projects together. It’s a place where people can find support and a community—two things that are often hard to come by when you’re working alone or on your own idea.

    These spaces also give people access to technology they wouldn’t have otherwise had. In Ghana, only 25% of people have internet access at home (and only 12% have broadband). Tech hubs provide free Wi-Fi and computers so anyone who wants to learn how to code or advance their career can do so without having to spend money on expensive programs or software licenses.

    What is a tech hub?

    Tech hubs are places where people gather to do business, trade ideas, and collaborate on projects. They typically have a specific focus—such as artificial intelligence (AI) or blockchain technology. And maybe located in several settings: from large cities to small towns. Tech hubs are a great place to find other digital professionals, and they’re not just for startups. They’re also a great place to learn more about the latest tech innovations, and a chance to network with people who can help you grow your business.

    What’s the value of building a tech hub in Accra?

    There are many benefits that can come from creating a new tech hub in Accra. For one thing, it will give local entrepreneurs an opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals and establish connections that could lead to valuable partnerships down the road. It will also provide access to resources they may not have had before—including experts who can help them develop their product or platform further than they might have been able to on their own. In addition, building a tech hub will help promote innovation and creativity within the local community and attract new talent from around the world who want to work for innovative companies like yours!

    In Accra, there are plenty of tech hubs to choose from! Here are our top ten picks—and why we love them so much.

    Ghana Tech Lab

    Ghana Tech Lab is one of the top tech hubs in Accra that has been active in Ghana since 2016. They provide space for startups to work out of and also provide mentorship and incubation services. Their main focus is on the development of technology businesses in Africa, which they do by offering support to tech entrepreneurs through their accelerator program, startup competition, and workshops.

    The Ghana Tech Lab also operates a co-working space in Accra that offers office space for rent to innovators at affordable prices and provides meeting rooms, event facilities, and more.


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    MEST is a technology hub in Accra that provides tech training & resources to students. It also helps trainees/entrepreneurs with seed funding to start their businesses. In addition, MEST helps tech startups by connecting them to people and companies that will accelerate their growth. MEST runs an annual acceleration program to provide support to early and growth-stage startups in the country.

    The focus areas for this program include funding & investment readiness, business and revenue modelling, and marketing & brand awareness. The acceleration program is what sets MEST apart as one of the top tech hubs in Accra.

    Ghana Innovation Hub

    Ghana Innovation Hub
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    One of the top tech hubs in Accra that you should definitely check out is Ghana Innovation Hub. It’s a co-working space and incubation facility for early-stage tech startups. They offer a range of services, including training, mentoring, and networking. Additionally, they also provide access to funding opportunities and other resources—all at no cost! The hub isn’t just a place where you can work; it also offers many programs like free mentorship workshops open to all levels of entrepreneurs who want to learn more about starting up their own company or improving their existing one.

    Impact Hub Accra

    Impact Hub Accra
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    Impact Hub Accra is a community of social entrepreneurs, changemakers and activists who are committed to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. It is a global movement of 80+ hubs in 5 regions, with over 10,000 members. The hub offers co-working spaces, boot camps & training sessions and financial &technical aid for many tech startups to grow.

    The impact hub provides a platform where ideas can be shared among innovators working on solutions for social issues around the globe.


    iSpace is a tech hub in Accra, Ghana, that has incubated over 70 startups and hosted over 100 events since it opened. It provides affordable office space and support to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into sustainable businesses.

    There are three main areas of focus at iSpace: co-working (a shared space where you can rent a desk by the day), accelerators (programs designed to help startups grow), and entrepreneurship education.

    Entry to these top tech hubs in Accra is not free; you can join as an individual, group, or company. The opportunities you will access as a result of affiliation or membership are endless. We advise all aspiring tech entrepreneurs or even regular tech nerds to take an interest in their training sessions, tech competitions, and boot camps.

    Accra Digital Centre

    The Accra Digital Centre is a great place for entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses or for those who already have one. It provides several services like coworking spaces, community events, and mentorship programs. They also offer free workshops on topics; coding, design, and marketing. The facility has high-speed internet, which means you’ll be able to stay connected with your team no matter where you are in Ghana or even Africa.

    The centre also hosts workshops on how to get into the tech industry. They guide people on how to apply for jobs at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many others. It’s also a great place to meet other people with similar interests and learn more about how technology affects our lives today!


    Kukun is one of the top tech hubs in Accra. It’s a co-working space that has been designed to support local entrepreneurs by providing them with a place to work, a community of like-minded people, and access to a network of mentors and investors.

    Kukun offers teams and individuals access to the space (so you can work whenever you want), but it also provides workshops for members on topics like financial management and marketing strategies.

    It’s an amazing place for anyone interested in starting their own business or working with other entrepreneurs—and it’s affordable! The price range for membership starts from Gh100/day.

    Kosmos Innovation Center

    Kosmos Innovation Centre Accra (KIC Accra) is a tech hub established in Ghana in 2016. KIC Accra is focused on building innovative solutions for the African agricultural sector. They provide services such as prototyping, product development, design thinking, and business incubation to support African agritech entrepreneurs. KIC Accra also provides access to mentors, resources, and international networks to help entrepreneurs build their businesses. Their mission is to help agritech entrepreneurs develop their solutions from concept to market, creating a lasting impact on food security and livelihoods in Africa.


    Innohub is a leading tech hub in Accra, Ghana. It was founded to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the African tech scene. Innohub’s mission is to foster collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and industry experts to create an environment that is conducive to developing innovative solutions. The hub provides space for co-working and networking opportunities, as well as access to technology resources, investment opportunities, and other business support services. Innohub also hosts regular events such as hackathons and workshops to provide an opportunity for members to showcase their ideas and connect with like-minded people.

    Ghana Climate Innovation Centre

    The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) is an organization that seeks to promote sustainable economic development through the promotion of climate-friendly technologies and business models. It is a public-private partnership that provides support to local entrepreneurs, startups, small-scale enterprises and research organizations with innovative approaches to tackling climate change.

    The GCIC works with partners in government, the private sector, and universities to promote the adoption of climate-friendly technologies and business models in Ghana. Through its network of partners, it provides access to finance, capacity building and business advice to help entrepreneurs succeed. It also supports research, policy development and investment activities that contribute to the reduction of climate change impacts in Ghana.

    The GCIC offers a range of services to its partners and clients, including business incubation, training and mentorship programs, financing, and innovation workshops. Its current focus areas include green technology, renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport and water management.

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