Woke Ideology Has Permeated Science and Medicine, Putting Us All In Danger

    You can try to run, but you can’t hide – it’s everywhere, lurking in the dark at times; other times, it’s center stage, sucking the life and fun out of everything around it. What manner of beast am I referring to? The Woke.

    Woke has crept into every facet of our civilization like a foreboding mist or fog that blurs our vision only to inevitably blind us and lead us off a cliff into oblivion. So you might be thinking, “C’mon Kat, aren’t you being a little bit dramatic? Maybe you need to lay off the coffee and dystopian television,” to which I would reply NO!

    No, dear reader, I am not being dramatic; this is real life, and if your eyes aren’t opened to it now, then you are steps away from falling off the Woke cliff.

    It might be too late anyway, given that our science and medical communities have bent the knee to the cult of Woke.

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    What Is The Woke

    Nobody calls the phenomenon I’m referring to The Woke, but I am a writer after all, and I do get some joy from adding a bit of literary flair to my articles, and to be honest, it really has become a monster. Three little letters fed the woke monster – D, E, and of course I.

    It’s essential to understand what DEI is, which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

    The critical assumptions of DEI are the following:

    • America is systemically racist
    • White America harbors unconscious racism
    • Equal rights, meritocracy, and the law reinforce white supremacy

    Now, I could do an article on each of these false assumptions. Still, for my editor’s sanity, I won’t do that to you today.

    So instead, I will dive into what a recent study has found about how these concepts have seeped into science.

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    Trust The Science

    A report by the National Association of Scholars found some interesting trends in the world of science back in November. For instance, between 2010 and 2021, the association saw a dramatic increase in DEI language in scientific publications. 

    How big of an increase? A 4,200% increase. I like numbers, and I’m pretty good at math; that percentage is absolutely bananas.

    The report highlighted the following:

    “…reports about antiracist and DEI-related topics have grown between 3 to 42 times faster than scientific topics in general in the Web of Science.”

    The Web of Science isn’t a fancy term for the internet for all you Boomers out there. Instead, the Web of Science database contains citations from medical and scientific peer-reviewed journals for those studying science and medicine. 

    The association also found that in PubMed, a database comprised of biomedical research, there has been a similarly increasing amount of publications with the terms “anti-racism” and “critical race theory.” That’s a lot of left-wing ideology being written about by scientists and medical professionals.

    That energy could be funneled in a more productive and scientific, and medical capacity, like finding cures for cancers and such. 

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    Get ‘Em When They’re Young

    If you aren’t freaked out yet, I’m about to really wig you out. DEI has infiltrated the world of science and medicine, which tends to grow the fastest within higher education.

    The same report found that:

    “University Twitter feeds show a similar pattern in the usage of DEI language to universities’ websites: a modest yet steady amount of growth in the usage of DEI language, with a spike in the summer of 2020.”

    Clearly, an homage to the universal bending of the knee to the Black Lives Matter movement that took this nation hostage that summer. Recently the University of Southern California announced they would not use the word ‘field’ as in “he’s an expert in his field” or “the expedition is heading into the field next week.”

    Why, you might ask? According to an email from the administration:

    “Language can be powerful, and phrases such as ‘going into the field’ or ‘field work’ may have connotations for descendants of slavery and immigrant workers that are not benign.”

    Now, I’m pretty funny, but I promise you that’s not a joke; the above is real life happening at universities all over this country.

    Talk About Dangerous Minds

    Being an educator is to serve your community and your nation because you are trusted with helping to mold the future leaders and great minds of the country. It’s not easy, and it certainly hasn’t gotten any easier.

    Another report has found that one in five job candidates in academia is formally evaluated based on their commitment to DEI. I can attest to that; I had explored teaching undergraduate history or political science courses as I have the qualifications for the job.

    However, every position I looked into applying for required me to write an essay highlighting how I would support and adhere to the institution’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. To put it plainly, I argued I would do so by treating all my students fairly regardless of their backgrounds.

    Oddly, I have not heard back from any of the universities I applied for… strange. 

    It’s not just in science and medicine where professors are held hostage to the Woke beast. Recently Hamline University fired an art professor, accusing her of “privileging extreme Islamist views.”

    What did she do? She warned her students in advance that she would be showing a painting that contains the Prophet Mohammad with a timer notification so that those who adhere to the principle that they can’t look upon the likeness of the Prophet can turn away.

    A student decided not to turn away, managed to rally a bunch of woke campus zombies to sign a petition, and this art professor was fired. And to think universities used to be where your children would learn edgy concepts and be pushed outside their comfort zones.

    Stay Healthy

    So what is the point of my little true horror story? The fact is that The Woke monster has put us all in danger.

    Critical Race Theory programs are mandatory in 58 out of the top 100 medical schools in the United States. That means if you have a child who dreams of becoming a doctor someday, they will more than likely have to sit through CRT programs when they should be studying anatomy, biology, and all those things related to, you know, medicine.

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Heersink School of Medicine requires that at least half of all candidates accepted into the school be ‘diverse.’ That sounds great, right?

    Except, the university isn’t valuing skill; instead, they are valuing skin color over performance and hard work. Just what we want to value in the field of medicine…er, I mean… the practicum of medicine.

    The University of California, Davis School of Medicine requires that all student orientation programs include “anti-racism content” and that “health equity” and “anti-racism” be part of the curriculum in the school. Because when a surgeon is working on your heart, your tumors, or any other aspect of your body when you get old or sick – it matters what color your skin is.

    This should scare all of us, regardless of skin color.

    As for me, I might add a multivitamin to my routine because I’m not overly thrilled to have to see any more doctors than I have to when I get old. Stay healthy, dear reader.

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