You are abusing your powers — Judge slams Office of the Special Prosecutor

    The judge said the OSP is “abusing its power” and putting up a posture that suggests that, it has appellate jurisdiction over the High Court.

    Justice Abodakpi said the said depositions (paragraphs 21-23 of the affidavit) by the OSP were “scandalous”, an “abuse of office”, with the OSP behaving as if it had power over the court.

    Consequently, the court struck out the three paragraphs.

    The OSP has no appellate jurisdiction over the High Court.

    Whatever power you have, you have no appellate jurisdiction over the High Court,” Justice Abodakpi said.

    In the said depositions (paragraphs 21-23 of the affidavits), the OSP, among other things, accused Mr Bissue of misleading the court to grant an interim injunction based on a non-existing arrest warrant.

    The OSP further criticised the court in the deposition for granting the interim injunction for 10 days, restraining the anti-graft agency from arresting and investigating Bissue.

    “It is, thus, regrettable that although no court warrant was ever issued or existed, this Honourable Court firmly handed down an order of interim injunction against the first respondent, on an ex parte application, to restrain the respondent from discharging its statutory functions for ten (10) days.

    It bears noting that a copy of the alleged warrant was never exhibited to the ex parte application, but the applicant had to bear the brunt of the judicial order all the same,” the OSP deposed.

    Justice Abodakpi said the depositions were scandalous, as the OSP sought to castigate the court for giving the interim injunction.

    The best option, the court said, was for the OSP to appeal its decision and not castigate it in that manner.

    “You cannot remonstrate and castigate the court over decisions it has made,” the judge said.

    Justice Abodapki then asked the counsel from the OSP’s office, Seth Ansong, if he had a copy of the ruling granting the interim injunction, to which counsel replied, “Not that I know of”.

    The answer from the OSP elicited a strong response from the judge, who wondered how he made the depositions without seeing the ruling from the court.

    “Then why are you saying those things if you haven’t read the ruling of the court?

    If you disagree with a ruling of the court, you go to the Court of Appeal and appeal.

    You are abusing your powers.

    You cannot castigate me (Judge).

    You haven’t seen the decision of the court and you are saying those things, Justice Abodapki said.

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