Akufo-Addo’s promises have become nothing – Spio-Garbrah

    Former Minister for Trade and Industry under the John Mahama administration, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah has criticised President Akufo-Addo for failing to honour promises he made to Ghanaians.

    In a yet-to-be-aired interview on PM Express Personality Profile, the politician said the President’s promise of protecting the public purse and not appointing friends and family into office have not been heeded.

    “Many of the things that our current president promised us when he was sworn in, that he will take care of the public purse, that he will not appoint family and friends, almost all those things that he will lay his presidency on the line to protect our natural resources actually the river bodies and our gold, most of those promises have become nothing. They have just gone out and there is no attempt to apologise,” he told host, Aisha Ibrahim.

    According to him, most of the country’s current economic woes should be blamed on the current government, because the NDC left office with a fairly good economy.

    Akufo-Addo’s promises have become nothing – Spio-Garbrah

    The former Communication Minister during Rawlings’ regime, explained that the government’s “overestimating” of its capacity caused it to avoid precautions for its expenditure, hence overspending and mismanaging the economy.

    “Most of the current crisis began with the current government. They have to take some or most of the responsibility, because they were left with a fairly good economy by the Mahama administration.

    “The way they went about misunderstanding the economy and misrepresenting and as it were overestimating their capabilities, and all the we have the men thing, is now basically coming to haunt us,” he noted.

    He said the economy would not have been faced with such challenges if the government had managed its resources better.

    JoyNews’ Personality Profile will be aired on Friday, January 20 at 9pm on the JoyNews channel.

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