Talent is not enough, management is everything – Bullgod

    Popular artiste manager Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, known professionally Bullgod, formerly called Bulldog has asserted that talent alone will not give any talented person success, unless it is augmented by good management.

    Bullgod said this in responding to a question about how difficult artiste management is.

    “It’s difficult but at the same time, it’s not,” he said as he rubbed his hands together and smiled.

    Rather, “life is difficult,” he stressed.

    He noted that given his experience and standing, “when I speak, it has to be with wisdom.”

    “If you had asked me this question 10-years ago, I would have immediately said, ‘It’s difficult’,” he added. “But what’s not difficult in this life? Even eating and drinking water could be difficult. Excuse me to say, even when you’re having a coital moment, you know it’s not easy.”

    Sharing a belly laugh and a high-five with Sammy, he repeated: “Everything is difficult.”

    “There are challenges,” he said. “I think it’s about managing egos.” He intimated that if one is able to manage egos well, much of the work would be done.

    He also highlighted having the attitude of a servant.

    “You also need to see yourself as a servant,” he said. “Once you see yourself as a servant, you can thrive in this space but if you consider yourself the boss, there are a lot of things you will not take, a lot, because there are a lot of egos that come to play [especially] in the creative space.”

    He cited how artistes when they are fledgling are comported but become recalcitrant when they taste fame. He stressed the need for an artiste manager to patiently yet firmly handle such situations and artistes.

    He had a word for artistes’ self-management also.

    “I’ve always said, an artiste has to be their own manager first,” the music executive said. “If not, you will not go far on your journey. Talent is not enough because we are all talented.”

    “Talent is not enough,” he stressed, adding with equal emphasis that: “Management is everything.”

    Poor time management by artistes seemed a big issue for Bullgod.

    “You may think it won’t do you any harm but you are lying, one day it will affect you,” he admonished.

    The Bullhaus Entertainment boss was speaking to Sammy Flex on CTV’s Class Showbiz, Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

    Bullgod has been an artiste manager for 20 years.

    By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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