Delusional Marjorie Taylor Greene Vows That House Republicans Will Deliver God’s Vengeance

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is declaring that House Republicans will deliver God’s vengeance to the nation.

    Greene tweeted:

    Why would God (she/her) look all over the entire universe and choose the likes of George Santos, Matt Gaetz, and Greene to deliver her vengeance? The mechanism that God has chosen for delivery is a House of Representatives that is boxed in by Democrats and will see none of its major pieces of legislation become law.

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    Surely, God, in her infinite wisdom, would a more efficient and successful way to get the point across.

    Donald Trump is seriously considering picking Marjorie Taylor Greene to be his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination in 2024.

    Greene might have a point. She could be a mechanism for God’s vengeance, but not in the way she thinks. Greene could be God’s plan to make sure that Republicans pay for worshiping the false prophet, Donald Trump.

    A political figure has rarely allowed so little power to her head so quickly. Rep. Greene is not the Speaker of the House, and she chairs zero committees, and Greene works within a House majority of just four seats.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t deliver vengeance, but she can show that she has stumbled into a full-blown delusion that is a danger to our nation.

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