Home Entertainment PICS! Is J Molley The Best Dressed SA Rapper?

PICS! Is J Molley The Best Dressed SA Rapper?

PICS! Is J Molley The Best Dressed SA Rapper?

PICS! Is J Molley The Best Dressed SA Rapper? Rappers that actively look well while they’re on the red carpet, being photographed for publications, or performing in their videos are considered to be the best dressed. Most of these rappers are household names in hip-hop music and SA got a slew of them.

PICS! Is J Molley The Best Dressed SA Rapper?

Not only that he is one of the best SA rappers, but J Molley also thinks that he is one of the best-dressed rappers in the game. The I Don’t Know singer had to post some of his Instagram images of himself looking dapper and put together. All that is to prove that he is up there when it comes to the best-dressed rappers in Mzansi. “Who said He’s The Best Dressed Rapper In SA? Hold Up.” He wrote.

The rapper is currently living his best life after he admitted that he has been going through mental health issues. He recently came out and revealed that he is recovering well. In one of his previous posts, the rapper stated that he is enjoying being sober and having peace of mind. “Almost One month Sober Haven’t felt This Happy & Clear Minded In Years,” he wrote.

This came after J Molley opened up about suffering from bipolar and having anxiety and depression. “I suffer from a borderline personality disorder, which is like bipolar but worse; it’s more of a thing, one hour you’re happy, the next hour you’re sad. One moment you love someone, the next moment you hate someone and you want to kill them. We feel things 10 times more than everyone, so everything is so extreme.” 

“We feel abandoned, pulsive, we feel empty all the time, we want to kill ourselves all the time. Along with borderline, I have bipolar so I go through manic phases when I’m happy so everyone thinks everything is cool, then the next thing I’m sad and I’m crushing again, I have OCPD, I have ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), I have anxiety, I have depression.” He said.

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