Shun political thuggery, cleric urges youths

    Nigerian youths have been advised not to allow themselves to be used as political thugs to promote violence in the forthcoming general election.

    A statement said the leader of the Christ Apostolic Church, Grace of Mercy Prayer Mountain, Prophet Samuel Olu-Alo, spoke on Friday during the ministry’s ninth crusade and empowerment programme for 700 widows and the aged.

    The cleric said the youth should be mindful of what the future holds for them.

    He said, “Any youth ready to present himself as a political thug will be stabbing his or her future with a sword. Who told you that you too cannot be a governor or a senator in the future?

    “Most of these top politicians have their children and families abroad. Whatever wrong you do today, people will remind you of it when you are seeking public office tomorrow.

    “This is the reason why many don’t attain top positions today, their today is calling for the revenge of their past wrong deeds, so don’t allow your future to be destroyed by politicians.

    “If people can serve me who never went to school, you too can be served. Even if you are an orphan, you can be great in life and break records. My story encourages and gives hope.”

    Olu-Alo called on Nigerians to intensify prayers for the country.

    While admonishing the electorate not to vote based on sentiment and shun vote trading, he urged them to vote according to their conscience.

    “If you say Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba, so be it. Just ensure it comes from your mind and don’t vote out of anger, envy, religious, culture or ethnic sentiment,” he added.

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